Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never done yoga before. Can I still come?

Of course! Our “Yoga Basics” class is perfect for beginners.

Is every class heated?

No, we have recently added several classes that are not heated! Please take a look at our class descriptions and/or our class schedule for information on class temperature.

What should I bring?

We recommend bringing a towel, a water bottle and a mat. If you do not have a mat, we have mats that you can rent for $2. We also have a wide variety of high-quality mats for sale.

Should I pre-register for class?

Pre-registration is recommended. When you pre-register, you save your spot and support your practice by facilitating planning and fostering accountability. It also saves you time once you arrive at the studio, by offering fast check in.

Can I attend class without pre-registering?

Walk-ins are welcome as space permits.

What if I’m not very flexible?

Not to worry. Being flexible is not a requirement, but rather something that will improve over time with a regular yoga practice. All levels of experience and degrees of flexibility are welcome at our studio.

What if I’m soon-to-be pregnant, pregnant, or just had a baby?

It is not recommended that you take “hot” classes if you fall into these categories.

We do offer prenatal classes that are not heated, as well as other vinyasa and restorative classes that are not heated, or are heated to a much lower temperature. Please check our schedule to preview our selection of non-heated classes. We recommend talking with your physician before engaging in a new yoga practice.

What does ‘namaste’ mean?

“Nama” means bow “As” means I “Te” means you Namaste means “I bow to you.” Saying namaste means that you acknowledge the soul of another person and is a sign of respect.

How early should I arrive for class?

We recommend arriving 15 minutes early if it is your first class (you will need to fill out a waiver), or you are a returning student that needs to make a purchase. Otherwise, 10 minutes should be plenty of time to set up your mat and get settled before class.